Cost of Business Directory Registration and Webpages

Business Presentation Webpage for a very small fee
Whether you have a website or not, you will benefit from getting a professional business presentation webpage that you can update as much as you like in our business directory. Unlike other business directories, you donít just get a standard insert Ė you get a professionally designed website that portraits your business in the best way and it can be integrated with your Facebook page. No domain or hosting costs!
And the price is only $50 per month.
No Long-Term Contract
We want you to stay in our business directory because you benefit from it, not because you have a contract that you canít get out of. So your initial payment will be the first and the last month (2x$50) and then pay $50 monthly as long as you want to stay in the directory. You can stop any time you want. You can also save 2 payments if you sign up for a full year.
And to make it even easier, you can pay using our secure PayPal account:

$100 Initial Payment

$50 Monthly Payment

$500 for a Full Year

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